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All of Live Line Cables feature the original 1/4" plugs of made in Japan. It is heavy duty plug with special steel alloy shaft inside the plug to reinforce stress from side. And its shape of plug tip is compatible with the world's standard 1/4" jacks.

Instruments Cables

Pure Craft Studio Series Cables-High Density Electromagnetic Shielded OFC Cables

Studio Series

The ultimate conductivity of the pure instrument sound directly to the amplifier with no dullness of sound.  Also, the development of a high level of compatibility between the sound quality and the cable durability.

Pure OFC copper coaxial cable with original polymer insulator realize super clean tone transmission. Vintage finished heavy duty plugs and original dark green Japan-made cables are very unique and high quality. Hand-soldered by skilled craftsmen in Japan.

Studio Series Cable スペック


  • LSCJ-15C L/L  /15CM L-L
  • LSCJ-30C S/S  /30CM S-S
  • LSCJ-30C S/L  /30CM S-L
  • LSCJ-30C L/L  /30CM L-L
  • LSCJ-50C S/S  /50CM S-S
  • LSCJ-50C S/L  /50CM S-L
  • LSCJ-50C L/L  /50CM L-L
  • LSCJ-1M S/S  /1M S-S
  • LSCJ-1M S/L  /1M S-L
  • LSCJ-1M L/L  /1M L-L
  • LSCJ-2M S/S  /2M S-S
  • LSCJ-2M S/L  /2M S-L
  • LSCJ-3M S/S  /3M S-S
  • LSCJ-3M S/L  /3M S-L
  • LSCJ-4M S/S  /4M S-S
  • LSCJ-4M S/L  /4M S-L
  • LSCJ-5M S/S  /5M S-S
  • LSCJ-5M S/L  /5M S-L
  • LSCJ-6M S/S  /6M S-S
  • LSCJ-6M S/L  /6M S-L
  • LSCJ-7M S/S  /7M S-S
  • LSCJ-7M S/L  /7M S-L
  • LSCJ-10M S/S  /10M S-S
  • LSCJ-10M S/L  /10M S-L
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