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LJ8S & LJ8L PLUG -1/4" Phone Plug

The new next standard phone plugs.

Heavy duty plug with special steel alloy shaft inside the plug to reinforce stress from sides and it won't break in case of strong force from side. Satin finish handle is nice fit and feel to fingers. Handle is shorter for compactness.
Soldering terminal. Cable diameter up to 6.5mm.

  • LJ8S / 1/4" Phone Straight -2Conductor
  • LJ8L / 1/4" Phone Right Angle -2conductor

LJ-180 PLUG -1/4" Phone Plug

Dreams of 30 years come true. Combination of several different technics made technical break through and finally it realize world first's variable angle plug.



Variable angle plug. The ultimate utility.

"vari-angle" 180 degree, not only 45 or straight. It makes really flexible wiring of complicated board or rack system.Patent Pending.
Soldering terminal. Cable diameter up to 6.5mm.

  • LJ-180 / 1/4" Phone Swivel -2conductor

While in use, if you touch HOT part surrounded by insulator, it will create noise. If HOT part is wet or stick something, please remove them by dry cloth.

LJ-FIT PLUG -1/4" Phone Plug


Approximately *10% improved pull out resistance and *5% improved electrical contact efficiency.

Looking for the best contact efficiency, our compression plug system contact by surface not only point, it improved pull out resistance about *10%. It is not too tight and very comfortable fit response. It will reduce potential of noise or signal loss by bad contact or pull out by accident. By the tight fit of plug and jack, it will improve electrical connectivity about *5% and improve signal transmission and tone quality.
* By our own investigation.
Solder terminal. Cable diameter up to 6.5mm.

  • LJ-FIT / 1/4" Compression Phone Straight -2conductor

LJ-TRS PLUG -1/4" Phone Plug


Same construction plug as LJ8, very durable and reliable TRS plugs for Digital MTR or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). With special steel alloy shaft inside the plug, reinforces strength of the plug and reduce potential of plug break by stress from side.
Solder terminal. Cable diameter up to 6.5mm.

  • LJ-TRS / 1/4" TRS Phone Straight -3conductor



Teflon insulator and gold plated contact realizes lower noise and improves clean signal transmission.
Solder terminal. Cable diameter up to 6.5mm.

  • LJ-RCA / RCA Straight
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