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All of Live Line Cables feature the original 1/4" plugs of made in Japan. It is heavy duty plug with special steel alloy shaft inside the plug to reinforce stress from side. And its shape of plug tip is compatible with the world's standard 1/4" jacks.

Instruments Cables

Advance Series Cables -Super Noiseless Single Conductor Shielded OFC Cables

Advance Series  

Advance Series cables are fusion of fashion and tone.

Colorful plugs with unique white cables made in Japan. Realizing low noise and open sound by high-end OFC Cables. Heavy duty custom made plugs with colorful aluminum parts and Japanese hand craft guaranty solid and perfect connection without signal loss or other troubles.


Heavy Duty Custom Made Plugs-Made in Japan

Live Line meets Colors!-Colorful alminium parts

Unique and colorful aluminium handle cover have 6 color variation.It will make you stylish on the stage!
Red / Orange / Green / Blue / Purple / Pink




  • LAW-15C L/L [COLOR CODE]  /15CM L-L
  • LAW-20C L/L [COLOR CODE]  /20CM L-L
  • LAW-30C S/S [COLOR CODE]  /30CM S-S
  • LAW-30C S/L [COLOR CODE]  /30CM S-L
  • LAW-30C L/L [COLOR CODE]  /30CM L-L
  • LAW-50C S/S [COLOR CODE]  /50CM S-S
  • LAW-50C S/L [COLOR CODE]  /50CM S-L
  • LAW-50C L/L [COLOR CODE]  /50CM L-L
  • LAW-1M S/S [COLOR CODE]  /1M S-S
  • LAW-1M S/L [COLOR CODE]  /1M S-L
  • LAW-1M L/L [COLOR CODE]  /1M L-L
  • LAW-2M S/S [COLOR CODE]  /2M S-S
  • LAW-2M S/L [COLOR CODE]  /2M S-L
  • LAW-3M S/S [COLOR CODE]  /3M S-S
  • LAW-3M S/L [COLOR CODE]  /3M S-L
  • LAW-5M S/S [COLOR CODE]  /5M S-S
  • LAW-5M S/L [COLOR CODE]  /5M S-L
  • LAW-7M S/S [COLOR CODE]  /7M S-S
  • LAW-7M S/L [COLOR CODE]  /7M S-L

[COLOR CODE]:RD=Red, OR=Orange, GN=Green, BL=Blue, PK=Pink, PU=Purple

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